Whoever remembers his origins hardly loses his way. And those who do not lose their way collect the best fruit: their genuineness.

In 1.895 Miquel Llabrés began distributing the trees that he cultivated in his fertile lands in Manacor around the island. We like to imagine those long journeys in the first trucks that circulated through the muddy roads of the Raiger, taking the order of fruit trees to the farmers who, with time, would become his friends. Only those who reach the end of the road can put the future in our hands and, today, 4 generations later, we continue with tradition, we want to fill the island with sap, either with your garden or with your farm. And we do it by adding to the wise inherited experience, our innovation.


In Llabrés, we are farmers, people with experience and love for plants, not only for what they give us but also for their beauty. We value their generosity, respect their integrity, and take responsibility for the environment, which is only one for all of us. In a nutshell, we seek harmony with the environment and treasuring it as the most valuable resource. And for this, we also promote the culture of care, starting with our team, building a healthy, serious, and pleasant workspace for all of us. And continuing with you, proposing a close and trusting relationship, because those who take care of their plants also take care of the world, and those who take care of the world, cannot end up being anything else for us than a friend.


Our team is made up of people with extensive training and experience in their field, love for their work, and a healthy vocation to care for others. That is why you will always find us at your disposal for any questions or queries you need. That is why you will always find us at your disposal for any questions or queries you need. You can count on us to help you choose your plants, resolve any questions regarding their care and maintenance, or recommend the most suitable decoration items and accessories for your garden. We will be happy to assist you.

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Are you passionate about nature? Do you love plants? Do you like creating gardens? Then you too can be part of our team. You will find people with the same concerns, working on what they are passionate about, and enjoying a good work environment. Send us your CV and tell us why you would like to work with us.