Whoever remembers his origins hardly loses his way

Llabrés, cultivating quality <br> since 1895

Completely trustable

Well rooted in the experience soil, watered by the love of a job well done and taking care of each transplant of illusion, each creative graft, each pruning of patience… This is how, in Llabrés, we have grown to become one of the great centers of production and sale of trees and plants of the Balearic Islands.

We specialize in fruit trees and promote the cultivation of native species due to the great yield they give from their complete adaptation to the territory. Nature is always wiser than us, so we are attentive to what it tells us, and we accept the gift of hundreds of years of evolution.

And as good sons and daughters of her, we also like to experiment and innovate, movedby passion, so in our centers, in Manacor and Santanyí you can find all kinds of trees and plants, as well as a wide range of articles, garden accessories, and decoration.


Visit us on our Manacor y Santanyí centers

Lunes a sábado, de 8 a 20 h.


Ctra. Palma-Santanyí Km. 49,7
(+34) 971 654 033 - 608 381 392
Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 15:30 h.
Saturday, from 9 to 14h.
Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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